Lets Get Physical. How to Exercise Your Mind and Body

Trying a new physical activity not only benefits your body but also your brain.

Yes, we’ve heard it all before, your brain needs to workout to be in good shape just like your body. But here’s the crazy part about this wee’ statement. Recent studies have found that doing something that both challenges your brain and body actually causes your brain to grow, regenerate and repair! Yes, doing the daily cross word as we’ve seen our parents and grandparents do helps the grey matter, but not the same way as getting your body involved as well.

According to Dr. Kathryn Papp, neuropsychologist and instructor in neurology at Harvard Medical School, challenging our brains by learning a new skill leads to actual changes in the adult brain.

“Researchers have found that physical exercise leads to release of cellular growth factors that are important for neurogenesis." says Dr. Papp.

Ok, but what is neurogenesis?

It’s the process of creating new neurons. In humans, the brain is an active organ in which new neurons and neural connections are created throughout one’s life, especially in areas of the brain related to memory and thinking.

This means that doing something physically changeling like learning a new skill, not only increases the number of new neurons in the brain (supported by a recent study). It also subtly changes the shape and workings of your brain in ways that might have implications for memory and could even delay the onset of dementia.

These are some fun ways to be physically active in Vancouver, while getting your brain in on the fun as well:

  • Learn to dance

idance Vancouver has Adult dance lessons available for a first-time rate of $10.00. Grab your friends and take a Jazz, Hip Hop, K- pop, Zumba, Ballet, or a Party groove class.

  • Learn to skateboard

Pick up a board or borrow one and give it try. Check out Vancouver Skateboarding lessons and talk to Rob who will set you up.

  • Join a master class swim team, refine and develop your existing swim skills

Sea Hiker offers great classes for adults of all ages. Their coaches have helped thousands of swimmers become comfortable, confident and faster in the water.

SoulCycle is a 45-minute indoor cycling class that features high-intensity cardio, muscle-sculpting strength training, and rhythm-based choreography.

  • Learn to mountain bike

Ride BC in Squamish or Endless Biking in North Vancouver provide guided lessons, rentals and an amazing opportunity to try a new skill in our gorgeous province.

  • Learn pakour

Origin Parkour has a great facility and offers adult classes and ladies night. This is a fun activity to get in shape and to challenge your body and mind. This also provides an opportunity to learn some seriously cool party tricks. 

Here’s to developing the booty and the brains!