How did we identify an indie film's most engaged fans and define it's release audience?

So B It Movie

Objective: Create a two-week ad campaign that will test target three key geographic and interest-defined audiences prior to the theatrical trailer launch to help distributor narrow down potential audience. Jive’s Facebook ad strategy will be used to test the market and determine which demographics respond strongest to the film. This data will b used for theaters booking and future ad campaigns. Ads will be optimized for video views to increase film exposure and broad awareness in key demographics where film will be screened.

Our Top 3 Humble Brags

  • In just 12 days, the ads reached 500,000+ people and received 155,000 views (30% or more of the trailer)

  • The ads performed very efficiently, at $0.02-0.01 per result

  • Comments, likes and shares demonstrate that the ads inspired strong positive sentiment about the film

How We Did It

Prior to the trailer exclusive, Jive narrowed down 3 sets of targets to gauge audience demographics,

including age, gender, and interests. Jive ran A/B test ads that were broad in scope but niche enough to

better understand who is engaging with the material. The Facebook campaign sets included:

  • Set 1: NY/LA, parents of children 6-18, books, family
  • Set 2: Brand geographic, parents of children 6-18, books, family
  • Set 3: Christianity, faith, family, books, parents of children 6-18