Case Studies


How did we build brand awareness and community engagement around a seasonal beverage?

Mission: Secure relevant and targeted unpaid product coverage on social media channels to boost awareness of seasonal product availability and versatility the brand's plant-based holiday beverage. 

Client: Earth's Own

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How did we support a film accelerator program launch and a theatrical film release?

Mission: Introduce unknown company’s innovative accelerator program disrupting the way sub-$5M films are packaged, marketed and financed and attract filmmakers and fans across Canada.

Client: Cinecoup & Wolfcop 

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How did we drive a sell-out a cultural festival on social media?

Mission: Drive ticket sales for Indian Summer Festival, a 10-day festival that features some of the finest artists and visionaries from Canada, South Asia and beyond. The festival itself is creative, inclusive, diverse and innovative.

Client: Indian Summer Festival

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What makes Whistler the ‘coolest’ film festival?

With over 7 years as Whistler Film Festival (WFF)’s agency of record, Jive has helped build up WFF’s reputation as an internationally recognized event dubbed Canada’s coolest film festival. 

Client: Whistler Film Fest

How did we create beer moments to bring a community together?

Mission: boost awareness of Granville Island Brewing's story of crafting authentic beer and seasonal product availability while also gain an increase consideration of trial-to-buy behaviour.

Client: Granville Island Brewing

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How did we increase hyper-local awareness of an award-winning wine from a world away?

Mission: Build local awareness of Villa Maria's portfolio of select white wines, leveraging a combined approach focused on targeted social media advertising and a compelling community-based influencer campaign and activation event.

Client: Villa Maria Wines


What do you do to show appreciation for your donors?

Mission: As a longstanding and beloved organization, Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BC (BGC) wanted to pay it forward to the generous sponsors and donors who continue to help its program thrive!

Client: Boys & Girls Clubs (South Coast BC)

UCM Influencers

How do you get social media influencers to rally behind your brand?

Mission: draw exclusive shoppers to this destination retail environment, differentiate from regional competition and boost awareness of the offerings, benefits and personality of the space.

Client: Upper Canada Mall

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How did we identify an indie film's most engaged fans and define it's release audience?

Mission: Create a two-week social media ad campaign to test targeting for three key geographic and interest-defined audiences prior to the theatrical trailer launch to help distributor narrow down potential audience for marketing purposes.

Client: Good Deed Entertainment & So B. It


How do you become one of the Top 5 Film Festivals in North America?

Mission: Position VIFF's three different verticals including its immersive experience of Virtual Reality (VR) to both online and offline audiences.

Client: Vancouver International Film Fest