Effort + Energy = Opportunity

When something extraordinary happens, people often assign it to luck or that it was all the right timing. Not to burst your bubble or anything, but it all takes (cue Rihanna) work, work, work, work, work. Opportunity doesn’t just happen, you find opportunities and things work out because you dedicate time, energy and passion.

Here are 5 stepping stones that will help you get to that point of continuous satisfaction:

A Positive Attitude

If you’re like Eeyore, you may be pessimistically optimistic. But it’s a no-brainer that having a positive attitude towards everything you do has a good psychological effect. If you’re having fun with whatever activity or task you are doing, time flies by! You gain a level of enthusiasm that is shown in your work at the office or in your personal relationships.

A Productive Mindset

Mindset goes hand-in-hand with attitude. A lot of us are guilty of saying ‘I’m so busy’ and end up procrastinating or not being as productive as we think we are being. The hard fact is that we can always be busy and shrug off the tasks that should be of utmost importance to us. If you are really passionate about doing something, you will find a way to do it!

An Unwavering Passion

Oh, would you look at that. I lined myself up for this one. Passion is a HUGE motivator that gets you to do a giant cannonball at the public swimming pool. Like a productive mindset, you will make waves in what you do when you discover your passion. Of course, in work as in life, you can’t always pick and choose the situations that come your way. But you can carve out opportunities by showing interest and putting in the work (even if you weren’t asked to).

A Chunk of Time

People didn’t build the Eiffel Tower overnight, so why do you think you can accomplish everything in a day? As these stepping stones build on each other, you’ll realize that putting in even a bit of work will slowly build towards your mission. You will slowly chip away at whatever you wanted to accomplish whether it is learning to rock climb or completing a six-layer project. That’s how you create opportunity!

A Step

Last but certainly not least, you have to take a step. Life is all about making choices whether wrong or right. Remember, it is never too late to pivot and find ways to make that big splash!

Jive Contributor: Cindy Kok, Business Development & Marketing Specialist
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