Social Media Tactics for Non-Profits

With social media users growing into the billions, brands and businesses are naturally flocking to social media strategies and influencers to boost their market position. But what about non-profits? Non-profits and social enterprises have a unique position in the digital marketing space where their objective is to drive awareness, funding and donations to a particular cause.

So how can you use social media to leverage your efforts? Here are 3 tactics to keep in mind when building out your content strategy:

Amplify partner messaging

NPOs with an existing sponsorship, donor and partner network should be amplifying its partners’ key messages and involvement with its organization. For example, were they recently a presenting sponsor for your gala? Make sure they receive the attention they deserve on your networks and they will reciprocate on their channels. This is extremely beneficial as your sponsors and donors cater to a different audience than your organization, thereby reaching an untapped market for potential future funding.

Equip sponsors, partners and employees with content

Equip your sponsors, partners and employees with suggested content, such as Facebook posts or Tweets so that it is easy for them to share your key messages. This is particularly useful during a fundraising event to create discussion on the day-of. Most sponsor or partner inaction is due to unclear messages or insufficient time to craft content. Minimize these barriers by creating content packages in-advance of when stakeholders need them.

Research and engage with donors

Get to know your donors on a social level. Compile and track social media accounts of your donors within your donor database. Share their content when they are talking about you and like content they post even if it’s not about you. This is about creating authentic relationships with your donors so that they feel valued for their contributions. Again, your donors’ social media accounts target a different market and can help further magnify your non-profit’s reach.

Jive Contributor: Cindy Kok, Business Development & Marketing Specialist
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