Organization Nation: Top 3 Tools to Keep That To-Do List In Check

As with any good relationship, it’s the little things that matter. In an industry as demanding and detail oriented as public relations, you have to be able to be able to tackle jobs both big and small - with the to-do list to match.

We know you have it all under control, but below are some tools I’ve found helpful when it comes to organization:


The greatest thing since sliced bread. If you’ve ever looked at the clock and realized you needed to follow up with someone an hour ago, you’re not alone. Slack reminders not only make it easy to remind yourself of simple tasks at a particular time, but they also give you the ability to follow up with a specific message in the channel. Whether it’s reminding myself to follow up on a pitch in an hour, or review a content calendar tomorrow morning, this tool has helped keep me organized and on-time.



Even if you’re on the fence about their new updates, you have to admit that the “nudge” feature in Gmail is pretty sweet. As a publicist, we can send and receive hundreds of emails a day and, especially when that request was a one-off, it can be hard to remember that you haven’t heard back yet.


Yes please!

You can either dismiss the nudge by hovering over the email in your inbox, or choose to snooze it by clicking the clock icon at the far right.


If you use a Mac like I do, you are more than familiar with the “Notes” app. If you want to create an easy reference checklist of tasks, “Notes” comes highly recommended. To create a checklist, simply go to “Format” in the menu bar then “Checklist” - this will outfit your task list with little bubbles that you can check or uncheck with ease. The reason I like “Notes” over the “Reminders” application is that this app can be used for more than just a checklist and I can include call notes and write-ups with ease.


What tools do you find helpful? Sound off in the comments below.