Everything You Need to Know About IGTV

Instagram has dropped another bombshell: you can now share long-form, vertical videos on Instagram’s very own TV channel. 

IGTV is a stand-alone app where you can watch content from all your favourite accounts, plus discover trending videos and recommended content based on your interests and who you follow. IGTV will also be available to watch within the existing Instagram app, so all video content shared will be discoverable to the entire Instagram community.


What do we need to know about IGTV?

  • When you post a video to IGTV, all of your followers will receive a notification. This is a great tool for organically reaching your existing audience with no algorithm in play


  • Videos are full-screen, vertical, and can be up to one hour long. Keep content engaging to increase the chances of it being discovered and stop audiences from swiping on. Remember to always shoot videos in a vertical form!


  •  Audiences can send videos directly to their friends and engage with the content in the same way they do on Instagram. Treat IGTV the way you would any social media platform and engage with your community!


  • Ensure your video titles and cover photos capture attention, as we all know that everyone judges a book by its cover


  • Goodbye Netflix, hello IGTV. Ok, that’s not entirely true because Season 3 of “Riverdale” is coming soon and it doesn’t look like IGTV will be hosting popular TV shows anytime soon. It is, however, looking like IGTV will be a serious competitor for the popular video-sharing website, YouTube


  • Add relevant keywords to your description to increase the chances of your video being discovered. You can also share links in your description that will help drive traffic from IGTV to an external site!


  • There are currently no ads on IGTV, so take the opportunity to share your video content while your audience enjoys the experience with no interruptions


  • IGTV is not designed for perfectly polished videos. Keep your videos authentic, creative and in-line with the existing Instagram platform


  • Have fun and try new things! It’s an exciting new tool that will help to connect with your target audience and maximize reach and exposure.