Everything You Need to Know about Rotten Tomatoes New 'Verified Ratings and Reviews'

Last week, Rotten Tomatoes announced a new measure to combat online trolls on the famous movie review website. This new feature, titled ‘Verified Ratings and Reviews’, will separate audience scores for reviews from moviegoers who confirm they purchased a ticket to the film.

So what do you need to know about this highly anticipated new feature?

- RT’s new ‘Verified Ratings and Reviews’ feature will be the default display on the movie's landing page. The audience score made from every review will still be accessible, but will now be under an "All Audience" tab, which users will have to click on before being viewing.

- Users will be able to verify their ticket purchase through Fandango, AMC Theaters, Cinemark, and Regal Cinemas. Other ticket providers and box office purchases are planning to be introduced in the near future.

- When tickets are purchased through Fandango, users will automatically receive a push notification after their movie ends. They will be able to review the film directly in the Fandango app. This review will then be posted on the Rotten Tomatoes site.

- The verified audience score will only be available to new releases moving forward. It will not be retroactively applied to previously released films.

- In the future, the site plans on introducing a way to verify ratings and reviews for TV series and streaming titles that are not theatrically released.

As an entertainment public relations and social media marketing agency, we’re pretty excited about how this new feature will give fans an honest assessment of films. Do you think this will affect which movies you consider going to?

Jenny Bloom