Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn Live

It’s official - video content is king. The career networking site, LinkedIn, is the most recent company to hop on the live video bandwagon. According to their team, video has proven to be the most engaging content on the platform in the last year, and live streaming has been the most requested feature from users.

So, what do you need to know?

  • Currently, the LinkedIn Live product is only available in the USA and is operating on an invite-only basis. It’s not clear if everyone will be able to create and view LinkedIn Live videos once the product has been rolled out globally.

  • As expected, the plan is for the platform to share business related content such as conference coverage, product announcements, Q&As led by influencers and mentors, awards ceremonies and more.

  • The format will feel very similar to Facebook Live or Instagram Live, particularly in the sense that viewers can like and comment in real-time, with reactions floating along the video screen.

  • The company has partnered with third party streaming apps to ensure that users can post high-quality, polished videos that are in line with the nature of the platform.

Even though LinkedIn is a little late to the live streaming game in comparison to other social giants, the platform’s niche audience allows it to move at its own pace. We’re excited to see the ways this platform will increase corporate transparency and how it will affect the way that users interact with LinkedIn as a whole.