7 Social Media Secrets to Follow for Small Business Success

As a small business owner, you know having a social media presence is vital for success. Online platforms not only allows your business to engage with existing customers but also can offer you new leads. 

If you're not sure where to start, then look no further. This list explores seven social media secrets that will help you grow your small business. 

Set Your Objective Up Front

When setting up your small business on social media, begin by setting goals that make sense for your company. By keeping key objectives in mind as you develop and implement your online strategy, you'll be making value-added decisions. Decide on efficient ways that social media can support your business objectives. This will help you to stay focused and be sure that what you’re spending time on will serve your company’s goals. 

Choose One Platform to Dominate

You don't need to be active on every platform to be successful. Choose one specific social media platform that you know well and focus growing your business on it. Using the objective's you've already set, test what works and what doesn't then adjust as necessary. 

Use that Platform to Communicate

It’s simple. Your followers want to know you, your brand, and what you stand for. They want to see your products or services featured in interesting and engaging ways, and most importantly they want to interact with you. Let your audience provide feedback, help pick new products or services, and ask them questions. They'll love being included. 

Communicate important information using social media as well; it’s a real time-saver, and your customers learn what they need to know immediately. It's a great tool to spread the news of sales and key information. 

Have a Plan

You already have your social media goals in place, and you’ve chosen the platforms you want to focus on. Now, make a plan to keep yourself on track. Use a calendar to schedule when and what you want to post, making sure they're timely and relevant. Remember to allow yourself the flexibility to change when something pops up, like a trending hashtag or top. For best results make sure you're posting consistently. 

Dare to Be Different

It’s easy to follow trends on social media, but don’t be afraid to lead the pack sometimes! Be yourself, make your company's social media presence feel personal and less business-like. Remember, it’s not just about making sales, it’s about engaging your audience. Audience's respond well to things they haven’t seen before, so dare to be different.

Say Thank You

It's important to show your appreciation to your social media followers. When users message or comment on posts, be sure to like and respond to them. This is an easy way to let them know that your business sees, and more importantly, appreciates what they're saying. It's simple but it means a lot to someone who loves your business when they hear directly from you. 

Don’t Go It Alone

Social media can be a time sucker so don’t let it eat away at your valuable time! Delegate it to a team member or a contractor who is passionate about social media, or hire a talented social media agency to handle it professionally for you. It’s not as cost-prohibitive as you might think!

Take Your Business to the Next Level

If you’re ready to get started and see how social media can work for your company, get in touch with us at Jive PR + Digital here. We’re a public relations and social media agency in Los Angeles, Vancouver and Toronto. We handle the details, so you don't have to!

Jenny Bloom