Case Study


How did a new photo sharing app take over Coachella Music & Arts Festival?  

Today’s event market is saturated with different gadgets and apps to help enhance the attendees experience. With so many choices on the market, how can you tell which technologies are truly helping the experience, and which ones are detracting from the event?

Enter Blurr - the perfect photo sharing app for events of any size that allows people in the same area to take, share, and save photos with anyone around them. No more searching through Instagram hashtags to find the photos you want - Blurr makes it easy to share and download the shots you love.

Blurr proved their event activation chops with a successful grassroots campaign during both weekends of Coachella, using Jive’s savvy combination of brand ambassadors and social support to bring their app to the masses.

Our Top 3 Humble Brags

  • Although not an official activation at Coachella, Blurr took over the festival, generating 2,500 new app downloads over the course of the two week festival.

    • That’s a 500% increase from their normal rate of 500 downloads for a two-week period.

  • In addition to a spike in downloads, the app accumulated 3,000+ photos over the course of the event and over 50,000 image views on the app itself.

  • The digital campaign received 1.1 million impressions in total, across Instagram and Facebook during the campaign.

How We Did It

We designed a robust social media ad strategy targeting users based on their demographics, musical interests, and location. The ad campaign ran for a full 2 weeks, launching the week before opening weekend and continuing through to the end of the festival. 

After reviewing analytics between festival weekends, Jive:

  • adjusted the strategy to reflect the break in-between events when attendees left Indio, CA.

    • A key shift in our strategy included changing the cost per result from CPC (cost per link click) to CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) to fully optimize the campaign. 

  • added musicians that were press worthy from the first weekend, changed the call-to-action to a “learn more” button, and revised the ad copy to reflect the second half of the event.

Make sure to check out the app on the iTunes and Google store.