Case Study


Launch New Film Accelerator Program + Theatrical Release of WOLFCOP

Mission: Introduce unknown company’s innovative accelerator program disrupting the way sub-$5M films are packaged, marketed and financed. Attract filmmakers and fans across Canada without traditional advertising.

Then, oversee the winning film’s PR campaign when it opens theatrically. 

Our Top 3 Humble Brags

  • Jive secured more than 450+ pieces of media coverage in the first 90 days.

  • Campaign leveraged major film events and received coverage on an international scale, totaling over$3M in PR ad value (tripling $1M goal).

  • Season 1 winner WOLFCOP received U.S. distribution.

    • Jive ran the theatrical PR campaign, eventizing screenings with the Wolf at bars around town, and the film became a cult hit.

    • A sequel was announced during the WolfCop run titled ANOTHER WOLFCOP.

How We Did It

Jive created a series of milestones to maintain buzz and strong visibility of Cinecoup’s Film Accelerator program.

  • Success was achieved by promoting its films, filmmakers, and brand partners at high profile international film, media, and industry events.

During the theatrical release of WOLFCOP, Jive created press events that played on the film’s storyline.

  • Jive hired an actor to dress as a wolf, hired a drag queen as his date, rented a Harley Davidson, and took them to a bars where press were enjoying drinks before screenings.