case study

Goh Ballet

How did we use PR and social media to increase online ticket sales to the ballet in the off-season?

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In honour of its 40th anniversary season, Jive client Goh Ballet brought the world to Vancouver for the world premiere of the unforgettable classic fairytale, Cinderella. A technical feat of original choreography, costuming and video set design, the exclusive two-night event featured Principal Dancers from the Washington Ballet and almost 100 talented students of Goh Ballet. 

Jive joined the campaign with just one month to go before opening night to oversee both PR and social media efforts. With a tight timeline, we quickly identified key story angles, utilized strategic traditional media tactics, and created targeted social media ad campaigns, Our team increased awareness throughout Vancouver of the event, tapping into existing and new target demographics, and helped drive traffic to the ticketing landing page, increasing ticket sales to both of the events.

Our Top 3 Humble Brags

  • In just 30 days, Jive reached an audience of over 48,448,691 by securing 59 pieces of quality coverage that spanned broadcast, print and online media outlets totalling over $323,000 in PR value.

  • Jive launched a series of social media ad campaigns, which resulted in 300,877 total impressions and 6,704 link clicks to the online ticketing landing page. A total of 924 of those who clicked through from the ad to the website added Cinderella tickets to their shopping cart online.

  • Jive increased overall awareness of the Goh Ballet academy and Cinderella throughout Vancouver, tapping into a new demographic of younger families, and positioned the performance as a professional, world-premiere production. 

How We Did It

  • Jive utilized strategic story angles, targeted outreach and personalized media drops to secure quality media coverage and generate buzz ahead of the world premiere of Cinderella. With an emphasis on the exclusivity, innovation and community tie-in, Jive was able to tap into local general news, lifestyle, business, community and niche dance media to inform Vancouverites about the performances. To peak broadcast media interest, Jive invited local television stations to visit private rehearsals and get a behind the scenes look at the performances. In addition, Jive sent out customized media invite drops that included personalized glass slippers hand-decorated by Goh Ballet dancers. 

  • Video content was filmed in Cinderella rehearsals to capture a preview of what the performance would entail. Jive then launched video website traffic ad campaigns that ran across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network, targeting Vancouver families and audiences with relevant interests. A Facebook Pixel was installed on the ticketing website to track online ticket conversions. 

  • Jive tested different creatives, copywriting, audiences and ad formats to find the most effective campaigns to meet objectives. All campaigns were closely monitored and budget was allocated accordingly. Previously engaged audiences and website visitors were retargeted with additional ad campaigns to serve as the final push to convert.