Case Study

Indian Summer Fest

How we sold out a cultural festival on social media…

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From music performances, cultural galas and thought-provoking panel discussions, Jive created social media buzz in the community around Indian Summer Festival, a multi-disciplinary festival!

Indian Summer Festival is a 10-day festival that features some of the finest artists and visionaries from Canada, South Asia and beyond. The festival itself is creative, inclusive, diverse and innovative. It makes you think deeply, be curious and foster intellectual conversations.

Our Top 3 Humble Brags

By blending social media advertising and influencer engagement, Jive drove ticket sales – reaching new audiences through click-to-website ad campaigns and leveraging community influencers to share event details with their audience. (2016)

  • Sold out Indian Summer Festival’s top events, filling approximately 4,500 seats for 6 events

  • A total of 3,252 clicks to ticket webpage

  • 174,982 people reached with paid social media advertisements

  • 75 Influencers were activated through Twitter

How We Did It

Jive created strategic social media advertisements for Indian Summer Festival’s top six revenue generating events.

  • Jive tested ad copy, images and targeting capabilities to successfully reach new audiences and promote event tickets through click-to-website campaigns.

Jive fostered a community around festival events by reaching out to specific niche influencers based off event themes.

  • These partnerships resulted in social media ticket website shares to influencers’ followers, while promoting brand awareness for the festival itself.