Case Study

Meat Mates

How did we launch a new pet food brand in California and triple its sales through a brand ambassador campaign?

Meat Mates is a high end dog food “protein booster”, made exclusively in New Zealand. With the help of Jive’s Los Angeles-based team, Meat Mates set out to make its US debut in the city of angels with the focus on demographic outreach to millennials. The opportunity to create an Instagram influencer campaign and launch events throughout the Los Angeles area was ideal, but adding dogs into the mix was a dream.

Our Top 3 Humble Brags

In one month…

  • Jive reached out to over 300 LA-based dog influencers through Instagram, inviting them to attend our events for free swag and opt-in to receive ‘surprise and delight’ goodie boxes.

    • Over 75 key influencers requested packages and attended numerous dog friendly events.

  • Based on Instagram outreach and distribution of product at the launch events, we reached 6,421 users through organic, non-paid influencers… meaning we spent zero dollars on influencer content and developed strong relationships with just our outreach alone.

  • We tripled their Amazon sales for the month and they saw a repeat order buy of over 50%.

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How We Did It

A social media campaign was not enough to launch the products in LA, we had to have local events to physically get the product into the mouths of dogs to prove how much they loved the food.

Our process:

  • Organized 5 events at various WeWork locations that were dog friendly around town

  • 2 weekend events at the beach and dog park, as the company’s ideal demographic is geared towards young professionals.

  • Promoted our activities on local online event listings for both people and dogs

  • Proactively invited select brand ambassadors

  • Engaged with lifestyle, food, fitness, health and wellness, and ‘mommy’ bloggers to align with the campaign's objectives as well as strengthen the brands presence online.

    • We knew their user generated content from our free sample distribution would capture the essence of Meat Mates in a natural setting and in return, Meat Mates received hundreds of photos of dogs enjoying their product and eventually triggered action thoughts to buy the product online.

Engaging with brand ambassadors on Instagram and live at events proved to be a huge win for Meat Mates, as they tripled sales within one month! Our introduction of the brand reached new audiences that resonated with the product to become fans, ultimately purchasing products online and sharing with their followers.

Check out our work on the brand's Instagram channel, including many more cute four-legged friends!