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How do you get influencers to rally behind your brand?


Upper Canada Mall (UCM) is the largest enclosed shopping destination in the town of Newmarket at 1M square feet. Despite its grandiose size, it was challenged with being an hour outside of downtown Toronto. It needed a way to convert shoppers to shop exclusively at the mall and differentiate itself from other malls.

This was a chance for Jive to do something out of the ordinary for UCM and find the gems that made the mall unique.

Our Top Humble Brags

Jive shifted UCM’s focus from the traditional advertising landscape and focused on influencer collaborations through a video series. This was the first initiative of its kind for the client and the results spoke for itself:

  • Over 137,000 video views on Facebook and YouTube from May 2015 to March 2016

  • Increase of 1,500 likes on Facebook, over 1,200 followers on Instagram, 875 follows on Twitter over 11 months

  • Increased collaboration and recognition through influencers with up to 71,000 followers

  • Over $2M in PR value for the I Am Mrs. Claus Campaign

How We Did It

Together with the client, Get Gorgeous Sessions launched as an interview-based video series, opening with Lace + Braids blogger Amara Mancuso. This relationship extended to her role as Mrs. Claus in the shopping centre’s I Am Mrs. Claus holiday 2015 campaign.

The campaign was a unique, fun-loving concept that revealed Mrs. Claus to be the heroine of the holidays, no longer taking a backseat to Santa Claus. Mrs. Claus was presented as the everywoman, a reflection of all the hardworking ladies that make the holidays a success each year. Jive seamlessly integrated in-mall, social media and gift guide executions.

Continued partnerships with influencers led to the relaunch of the series as Style Secrets – bite size, round-up style videos that gave shoppers fashion and beauty essentials in a pinch.

Audiences were engaged with online video content that inspired a trip to the mall, attracted media attention to a unique, multimedia retail campaign that incorporated engagement, retailer participation and digital relevance.