Influencer marketing has proven to be a crucial component of a successful digital marketing strategy. We can offer detailed insight into how to build, execute, manage and report on strong campaigns with influencers and ambassadors. By understanding what attracts and influences consumers, as well as how to inspire them to convert, we’ll extend our relationships with key online experts that span multiple industries, giving us the unique insight needed to engage, reach, convert, and educate audiences at every level.


What’s the Difference Between
Influencers & Ambassadors?

  • Influencers are approached on a paid model and often include accounts with greater than 10,000 followers, focusing on core demographics and aligned communities. When users contract influencers, it’s usually to produce branded content in line with campaigns. 

  • Ambassadors are approached based on an unpaid model and often have niche social media followings (<10,000) that engage with brands organically on social media. Ambassadors often work with brands for payment-in-kind and aren’t yet in the habit of charging for the content they post. 


WORKING WITH Jive pr+digital

When you work with Jive PR+Digital to create a comprehensive influencer and ambassador strategy, we’ll help you: 

  • Target buyers for your brand by identifying topics of influence.

  • Vet influencers to find the ones that best suit your brand.

  • Engage with your target influencers via email and social media. 

  • Measure which ambassadors and influencers lift your brand up the most. 

  • Repeat the steps to generate more returns! 

Those looking for more targeted results can go one step further and incorporate specialized influencer/ambassador tactics into their overall digital marketing and PR strategy. This can include a range of different options, such as: 

  • Product Drops

  • Influencer/Ambassador Takeovers 

  • Hosted Activations 

  • Boosting Influencer/Ambassador Posts 

  • Paid Content Creation

  • & more 



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