Paid Digital ADs

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Posting organically on social media is important to keep an active brand presence, maintain natural engagement and drive steady traffic to a website. However, investing in paid social advertising will achieve more significant results, in a much shorter time.

At Jive PR+Digital, our team of experts have years of experience helping companies excel online through the use of targeted paid social media services. When you enlist our social media strategists, we go over your objectives and then create a plan that will ensure measurable results. By equipping you with the best platform/s to share your brand’s vision, our paid social media services will generate traffic that drives conversions. These services include:


Ad Strategy

When it comes to targeted advertising, it’s important to have a strategy that gets the most bang for your buck. Paid digital ad campaigns can help you engage with new audiences on a much larger scale. Jive PR+Digital creates a comprehensive strategy by driving cross-channel results connected to your brand’s objective. That’s how we drive social amplification, increase clicks, and boost conversions.

Ad content creation

One of the best ways to attract attention to your brand and generate a buzz is by creating unique, online content that audience members will want to engage with and share. When advertising on social media, creating content that is optimized for the platform you’re using is essential. Our team uses all the tools at our disposal, combining attractive visual designs with concise copywriting to boost your brand’s presence. 

Ad Campaign Testing

One of the best ways to create a winning ad strategy is to adjust it for optimal results based on real-time data collection. That’s why Jive PR+Digital tracks the most effective ad campaign content and highlights it to lower costs and improve response rates. Regular live testing enables us to customize audiences, identifying new ones and retarget past visitors. 

Ad Campaign Measurement

Want to know how successful your social media ad campaign was? Perhaps you’re interested in what to do next time. We’ll provide you with a detailed report on the overall success of the campaign with all the necessary insight to inform your future strategies. Our team will also equip you with valuable recommendations on campaigns to help you meet your business goals.

Learn how to gain an edge with paid social media services from Jive! 

Do you want to jumpstart your success online and share your brand’s vision with the world? If so, Jive PR+Digital would love to hear from you. Our team of specialists can help you implement a term for short-term ROI and long-term success. 



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